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TESTIMONIAL:  Knolly Williams

February 15, 2020



This week marks 13 MONTHS since I left Keller Williams Realty. 


Yep - I promised I would give you my ONE YEAR UPDATE... so here it is...


I was originally recruited to KW by Gary Keller. 


At the time (2009) I was ranked #7 (out of more than 9800 agents in the Austin MLS) ranked by Austin Business Journal (based on actual production) and was one of the TOP 20 RE/MAX agents in the stage of Texas.


That notoriety and production earned me a private 2+ hour meeting with Gary Keller.


Gary broke down the NEXT LEVEL of the game to me and I was convinced I should leave my coveted position at RE/MAX and join KW... even though I adored my broker at the time.


It was a hard move but I had to make it.


I felt I could go much further under Gary's tutelage.


It was an amazing move. Doors OPENED to help me really kick off my training career.


I told Gary I would do 3-4 years at KW and THEN I was looking to launch my OWN brokerage (I've been a broker for more than a decade and was itching to launch "Knolly Realty" in the Austin area) 🤣.


Instead of staying at KW for those 3-4 years, I put in a solid 10 years. 


I "NEVER" wanted to leave. I was content. For me it was KW for L-I-F-E  and nobody could tell me otherwise. 


Over those 10 Years I paid KW more than $250,000 in commission splits/royalties/franchise fees/ etc... 


And it was worth every penny. 


I LOVED every minute I was at KW and I was SUPER HAPPY there. 


THEN... out of NOWHERE my boys Fred Weaver and Kevin Kauffman started hittin’ me up about eXp Realty. I was like “dude - leave me alone! I’m happy where I am!” 


See, I was sorta a “mascot”  and ambassador for KW. During the recession years, I taught tens of thousands of KW agents how to stay in the game by switching to distressed/short sales.


When the market switched back to traditional sales I began teaching agents the LISTINGS game and sharing with agents how I took over 10 listings a month, for more than 10 years in a row.


I've personally taught in probably over 100 Market Centers around the country and I even wrote and performed several rap songs at our annual conventions with over 8,000 agents cheering me on.


I was a VIP at KW and loved it!


I was basically "un-recruitable".


I had heard about eXp for YEARS... and probably turned down at least 20+ agents who tried to "share" eXp with me.


But when Kevin and Fred (my road dogs from KW) joined, it got my attention. They do $100M/year, 450+ deals/year and have been TOP 100 KW agents for years. Like me, they were in Gary's "Inner Circle" and spent lots of private time with GK.


Still... even though I respected them, I had ZERO interest in hearing about eXp.


I simply promised them that I would "listen" to a 30 minute presentation about the company BEFORE I told then "no".




I was completely BLOWN AWAY by what I learned in this 30 minute presentation. 


I then did 100 days of RESEARCH... because I could NOT believe that what I was hearing could be true. 


Once I talked to enough people I was convinced this company was the REAL DEAL. 


I simply could not be in integrity and stay where I was. 


I have now been at eXp for 13 months and I can honestly say that it has ABSOLUTELY been the BEST move of my 17 year career.


In fact, this move has been the best business decision I have ever made in my 31 years being in business.


eXp has allowed me to take ALL of my training, coaching and programs and make them FREE to my group of agents (we call it Mentorship Masters) who have joined eXp under me.


So far I have had Individual Brokerages, Teams and Individual Agents join me. They are THRIVING.


I will remain eternally grateful to Fred and Kevin for asking me to at least WATCH the 30 minute webinar so that I could be CLEAR on exactly what I was passing up!


Of course, eXp is definitely NOT for everyone, but you owe it to yourself (and your family) to at least give it a look . 


It’s truly a game changer for you and your family... 🤠 


Dedicated to YOUR Ultimate Greatness,

Knolly Williams

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Brent Gove.

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Sigi Scholten

I have truly enjoyed my first full year with eXp!  The people are wonderful and the opportunities are endless.

I hope that you will join us and I know that you will love it too!

Larry Eastman

It's easy to believe in this company.  We prove it over and over again by attracting some of the top agents in the business.

The opportunity of a lifetime is yours for the taking.

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