No desk fees.  No royalty fees.  No franchise fees.  Keep 80 - 100% of your commissions.

eXp Realty also offers every agent the unique opportunity to become a shareholder in their own company, and celebrate the company's financial success.



Our Core Values

Be a good neighbour to create a
sustainable legacy.
Make positive change in our company and your community.
Get things out from behind the curtain.
Do the right thing.
Be a good financial steward of the environment, the organization, and our families.
We are all on the same field.
The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
Force chaos and change to survive and grow.
Don't take yourself too seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eXp Realty?

eXp Realty is the first agent-owned cloud-based real estate brokerage.

Who started eXp?

eXp Realty was founded by Glenn Sanford, a former top Keller Williams agent who realized that a cloud-based brokerage that offered revenue share was the future of real estate.

When was it started?

eXp Realty was incorporated in 2009.

What does "agent-owned" mean?

eXp Realty is agent-owned meaning that agents acquire stock in the company and have a vested ownership in the brokerage. There are 5 ways that agents can acquire stock, from simply purchasing it to achieving certain performance benchmarks.

What is a cloud brokerage?

A cloud brokerage is a brokerage that does not have physical offices and conducts business entirely on the Internet. Think of Amazon. They are a cloud company. They have minimal physical stores (Whole Foods, which they recently acquired), yet they’ve disrupted the entire brick and mortar retail industry!

Are there really no brick and mortar offices?

Well there is one actual physical office. That is the corporate headquarters in Bellingham Washington. Other than that, every agent and broker works from home or a remote office space. The company realizes a tremendous savings and is able to pass on the savings to agents in lowered costs.

What if I need or want office space?

We have that covered. eXp Realty has an agreement with Regus Corporate Suites Worldwide to provide free access to their facilities. You can actually use ANY location worldwide for FREE - and there are more than 3000 locations! Here in Kingston, we are taking advantage of work-sharing spaces. Other locations and agents work out a variety of hybrid options utilizing home offices and rented office space. Check out Sanctuary Coworking!

Where does eXp operate?

Since 2009, eXp Realty has expanded to all 50 U.S. states. In Canada, eXp operates in the following provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island. International offices have recently opened in the United Kingdom and Australia. Further domestic and international expansion is planned.

Who is the Broker for eXp Realty?

The head of Canadian Operations is Deb Stevens. Each province has a Provincial Administrative Broker. Angela Papassitiriou is the PAB or Broker of Record for Ontario. The Managing Broker for South Eastern Ontario + Barrie is Michelle Scott. Michelle is based in Kingston and is well-known in the area. Rick Sergison and Val Petrov are the two other Regional Managing Brokers in Ontario.

How many agents does eXp have?

"It’s nearly impossible to guess eXp Realty’s agent count at any given time. The real estate brokerage, which operates on a virtual cloud, has seen both agent count, revenue and transactions explode each quarter, year-over-year." Patrick Kearns, Staff Writer, Inman, January 14, 2020 Read the article here. Just over ten years ago, you could count the number of agents on one hand. By 2018, the company had grown to more than 10,000 agents. At the end of 2019, eXp was home to more than 25,000 agents! The fastest growing brokerage in history is expected to hit the 100,000 mark within the next five years, well on track to becoming the largest real estate brokerage in the world.

What is revenue share?

For every agent that you introduce to and joins eXp Realty, you will receive a portion of their annual commissions, paid from eXp’s 20% split. You will also receive revenue from agents that they attract up to 7 levels deep. The revenue share component of eXp Realty is the way you can create residual income streams even after you stop selling real estate (retirement income). Rev share is one of the most compelling reasons agents join eXp Realty.

How does an agent build revenue share?

Simple. Introduce eXp Realty to other agents that you know. If they join, you become their sponsor and you will receive up to $2800 annually from each of them (3.5% of GCI until they cap). You will also get rev share from whoever those agents attract, all the way down to 7 levels.

How much revenue share can we earn?

For every agent you personally attract (your first line) you can earn up to $2800 annually if they cap. There’s no limit to the amount of revenue share you can earn!

What is the commission split?

Everyone at eXp Realty has a split of 80/20 until the $16,000 cap is achieved, at which time you go to 100% split for the remainder of your anniversary year.

What is the cap?

eXp agents cap when they pay $16K to the company. That equates to generating $80K in gross commission.

Where is eXp stock traded?

eXp stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock market exchange. The ticker symbol is EXPI. Click here for current stock value.

What is my start up cost to join eXp Realty?

There is a one-time start up fee of $199. Monthly fees are under $200. $99/month tech fee. $40/month eXp University fee. $29 broker review. $17 risk management fee up to $200 total. HST applies to all services.

What is the eXp Cloud Campus?

The cloud campus, also known as “eXp World” is our virtual world where agents and staff meet on the web for training, collaboration, meetings, and support. You can join and tour our campus for free. Call or text Sigi (613.985.0120) or Larry (613.540.4190) for a guest pass.

Does eXp offer training?

Oh Yeah!!! eXp Realty offers approximately 25-30 hours of live training every week, plus a full library of on-demand training through our Career Expressway. Mentorship programs are also available and collaboration is the name of the game. Click here to view today's Education and Events Calendar.

Does eXp hold conferences?

Yes, eXpCon is our annual conference held in different cities. Past conferences were held in Las Vegas, Chicago, San Antonio and New Orleans. We also have annual ownership meetings for all stockholders, the most recent one in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

What tools does eXp offer to agents?

Through eXp Enterprise - Company Information: Canadian Website, Investor Relations, Official Press Releases, Charitable Organizations - Technology Solutions: Transaction Desk, kvCore Platform (lead generation, CRM, website), eXp World, eXp World Passes, Shareworks - Resources and Education: eXplore Guide, Knowledge Base and Tech Support, eXp Education Calendar, eXpand Mentor Program, Agent Faculty Marketing and Branding: Logos, Branding, and Signs, Marketing Centre (customizable marketing materials), eXp Brand Store Social Media: Facebook Workplace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

What is the process of joining eXp?

Joining eXp is really simple. Everything is done online (and you don’t have to involve your brokerage - unless you want to). We know goodbyes can sometimes be awkward. 1. Fill Out the Application Form. Go to: 2. In a few days you should receive your ICA (Independent Contractor's Agreement) via email. When filling it out list Larry Eastman or Sigi Scholten as your sponsor. 3. You will get a few more onboarding emails from eXp and the last one will be to transfer your license online. It's super simple and eXp will send you step-by-step instructions. There's an on-boarding teaming ready and waiting - and they've had lots of practice!

Does eXp work for newer agents?

eXp is an obvious fit for seasoned agents and agents looking for retirement income, but some agents wonder if the model works well for newer agents. Yes, the eXp model works wonderfully for new agents provided you have the right Sponsor, dedicated to your success. That’s why when you join you will have full support and mentoring from both Sigi and Larry. As you introduce eXp to colleagues and attract others to eXp, we'll be there to help them too. eXp World also offers an abundance of opportunities for newer agents to learn from the masters, or just chat with a fellow agent at the "water cooler".

How do I get help with paperwork or on questions I have about transactions?

We'll be there to teach you and guide you to the right resources. In Ontario, eXp agents have been using Webforms for quite some time and we are very familiar with the program. Support is also available from our area broker, Michelle Scott, as well as the salaried Listing and Transaction professionals who are extremely accessible and helpful.

How will I get leads at eXp Realty?

You'll get leads through the technology. You will get your own kvCore (kunversion) lead generating website. Kunversion is known as "The Industry’s #1 Lead-Gen Platform". This is a BIG deal because most agents pay a hefty monthly fee for these sites and you get it just for being an agent with eXp. The site has landing pages and is designed to generate leads for you daily. You'll also be able to get leads from other eXp agents. eXp agents are super loyal and we love to refer deals to each other through our international referral network!

What if I have additional questions?

Call or text Larry at 613.540.4190 or Sigi at 613.985.0120 and we will be happy to assist you in gathering all the information you need to perform due diligence as to whether eXp is the right brokerage for you.

Sigi Scholten

I have truly enjoyed my first full year with eXp!  The people are wonderful and the opportunities are endless.

I hope that you will join us and I know that you will love it too!

Larry Eastman

It's easy to believe in this company.  We prove it over and over again by attracting some of the top agents in the business.

The opportunity of a lifetime is yours for the taking.